Inland Revenue Departments

Inland Revenue DepartmentsSince 2005 the Inland Revenue has no longer been a department in its own right, but was merged with the Customs & Excise department to form the large HMRC government department. You can user our Inland Revenue contact number to be connected to them. Responsible for administering all forms of taxation, HMRC includes sections which deal with income tax, corporate taxes, VAT, capital gains tax, working tax credit, National Insurance and inheritance tax. Whether you are an individual who needs to change their tax code or a large business with a multi-million pound turnover that requires clarification on VAT, the Inland Revenue department within HMRC is the appropriate organisation to answer your queries.

Lots of Assistance for Individuals

The Inland Revenue department has several different specialisms, so if you have a query, make sure you check on their website for clarification on the correct number to ring. For example, National Insurance (NI) questions are answered through a different helpline to enquiries about Working Tax Credits. If you’ve received written documentation from the Inland Revenue, the right number to call them will be on the letter. Self-employed workers may need to contact departments specialising in corporate issues (for example VAT) as well as departments dealing with queries based around individual circumstances.

Corporate Help is Readily Available

Relevant departments within the Inland Revenue part of HMRC which can help businesses include expert assistance on VAT and corporate tax, both of which have dedicated helplines. There is a large amount of support available to employers, such as an employers’ helpline. Construction firms also have their own department which offers specific advice on matters that only affect this industry. The main phone lines are open ten hours a day, five days a week, giving companies plenty of time to contact the relevant department. Outside of those hours, answers to many common queries as well as lots of valuable information can be found on the HMRC website.

HMRC (including Inland Revenue) is the best place to get answers for all your tax queries. Given the importance of calculating and paying the correct amount of tax, it makes sense to ensure you get the right information to inform your tax return or to ensure you’re getting the amount of tax relief you’re entitled to. If you’re not sure whether you need to contact them, or just need more information, the HMRC website is easy to navigate and contains large amounts of data on taxation matters.