Inland Revenue Contact Number – 0843 487 1869

0843 487 1869 – Inland Revenue Phone Number

Inland Revenue Contact NumberThe Inland Revenue have now merged with HM Revenue and Customs and have responsibilities for the administration of Child Tax Credits, Child Benefit,the collection of taxation directly from employers and the self-employed and the collection of other business related taxes. There are many reasons why you might need the Inland Revenue phone number, this piece considers some of the reasons reasons why you might need to contact them.


You might need to use the Inland Revenue contact number if you need assistance with any of the benefits that they administer, these being Child Tax Credit, Working Tax Credit and Child Benefit. They can assist with understanding how much benefit you might be entitled to, when and how you can expect payment and how to make a claim.

They can also help you with any queries that you have throughout the lifetime of your claim. If you think you might be entitled to a benefit other than those administered by the Inland Revenue, it might be worth a call to the Income Support helpline.

Income related taxation queries

The Inland Revenue also manage the collection of taxes from employers and the self-employed. So, if you have a query regarding the tax that you’ve paid, through the Income Tax or National Insurance scheme, and your employer is unable to help, then calling the Inland Revenue phone number might be of benefit to you.

The Inland Revenue can also help with queries from those who have to complete self-assessments each year. These queries might include how to register for self-assessment or how to complete your return online. They can also assist you with paying your tax bill if you have tax liabilities other than those paid directly through employment.

Inland Revenue Contact NumberBusiness Taxation

The Inland Revenue are also responsible for the collection of business related taxation such as VAT, Corporation Tax or Capital Gains Tax. They are also responsible for excise duty. The Inland Revenue contact number, therefore, might be useful to those in business who need assistance with understanding their liabilities.

As well as helping businesses to administer the above specific taxation schemes the Inland Revenue can also offer advice to new businesses starting up, including how to register a new business. In, perhaps sadder circumstances the team at the end of the Inland Revenue contact number can also help with closing or selling a business.